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Student Guidelines  

Instructions for Students

An Institute is an ocean of learning. Only the student who dives deep within with perseverance and sincerity can find pearls of wisdom.

The Institute lays down certain rules about how the students must conduct themselves. Students must adhere to these rules and protocols, and all such instructions as are notified from time to time.

100 marks will be credited to all students in the beginning of the session for the entire course. Any student indulging in any of the mentioned indiscipline will have a deduction of certain number of marks as per the ‘ACTION AGAINST INDISCIPLINE’ document. The marks to be deducted can be revoked by the Discipline Committee depending upon the severity of the indiscipline.

The defaulters will be appropriately punished including fine, reduction in marks, expulsion etc. For major punishment such as expulsion/rustication from the Institute, the case will be referred to the Discipline Committee of the Institute.
Students must aspire to have more than 80 marks. Severe action will be taken on students getting less than 80 marks. The break-up of these marks being:

Marks Range Action
76-80 Above action + Not allowed to sit for First Tier companies during Final Placements
70-75 Above action + Not allowed to sit for Second Tier companies during Final Placements
Below 70 Not allowed to sit for Final Placements

Click here to access the ‘ACTION AGAINST INDISCIPLINE’ document and ‘CPUM discipline document


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