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Applied Sciences  

Applied Sciences

Department of Applied Sciences is the most important department and is involved in various developments and research activities. It has highly qualified and competent faculty. Faculty and students in applied science employ fundamental physical and chemical principles to create innovative new technologies. Methodology of teaching is not only advanced but also conceptual in all aspects. The faculty's constant effort is to provide strong background to our students in these subjects so that they are capable of using the skills in all aspects of teaching.


Department of Applied Sciences is a bridge that connects pure, basic and applied science like physics, chemistry or Mathematics with engineering practices. The main objectives of the Department are to broaden the intellectual and thinking level of students, to inculcate the personality that will distinct them in common world, to employ the basic skills to the students so that they can utilize them to innovate new technology and become the technical asset to country.


Industry Connect

The tools taught to the budding engineers would help them to serve various industries in one or other way. The students become capable of handling industrial equipments. With the vast knowledge of Physics and Mathematics they can become backbone of Defense of the country.


Physics lab Physics is the mother of technology. Thus to make the growing engineer learn the finer aspects of science which will lead him towards innovation, so that he can contribute to the technological advancement of tomorrow and thus he can become an asset to country.


• Stewart and Gees Tangent Galvanometer
• Dielectric constant kit
• Klystron tube with power supply
• Laser source (He-Ne Laser, Diode Laser)
• Michel son’s Interferometer
• Diffraction grating
• Optical Fiber
• Electric-vibrator
• Travelling Microscope


• B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
• B. Tech. in Civil Engineering
• B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
• B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering
• B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering


• By use of experimental study students performs applications on real world.
• Confidence being an innovative engineer has been developed.
• Students are able to correlate Chemistry to Physics and Physics to Mathematics.


Gaining an education in applied sciences enables students to step into a variety of careers that pertain directly to their interests. The focus of department is to train students to apply scientific reasoning to difficulties that could be encountered in areas such as research, item invention, and far more. A science and mathematical standpoint giving students the chance to enter more technical related fields some of which are mentioned below:

B.Tech in Civil Engineering, B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering, B.Tech in Electronics & Comm. Engineering, B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, B.Tech in Mechanical Engg

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