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Mechanical Engineering  

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical engineering is a creative discipline that grows upon a number of basics and optimize the devices, machines, processes and systems that involve mechanical forces, work and energy. It is one of the most diverse fields of engineering influencing almost all aspects of our life. Mechanical engineering is amongst one of the early & finest  branches started in the institute .The department  strives to train students in the mechanical engineering science as well as application of these scientific methods to conceive, organize and carry out scientific design of engineering system .
The broad areas include Energy Conversion and Power Systems, Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Solids and Stress Analysis, Manufacturing Science, Industrial Engineering, Automatic Controls and Engineering Design. Over the years, it has carved a niche for itself in the key areas of teaching, research, consultancy, administration and community services. The Department of Mechanical Engineering prioritize the necessary revamping of Mechanical Engineering education, which is driven primarily by dynamics of technological advances and sustainable development and with active involvement of industry, alumni, research organizations and other stakeholders. Quality teaching is what we aim at so as to stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity and innovativeness . With a dedicated team consisting of qualified and experienced faculty members in Mechanical engineering, the department aims at providing education and research of world-class level. The continuous development of faculty and up gradation of the laboratories makes the department at per with the current day academic and research requirement of global standard which is reflected by continuously increasing student of the department opting for higher studies in India and abroad.


To foster creativity and innovative thinking in teaching learning process and integrate it with social values, environmental concerns and sustainable development.


  1. Provide students with the fundamental technical knowledge and skills
  2.  Apply engineering knowledge to recognize, analyze and solve problems, and to apply      these abilities to the generation of new knowledge, ideas or products in industry
  3. To create a flexible undergraduate educational experience in design, mathematics,  modeling, computing, management, engineering science


The department currently offers the following Under Graduate programmes:
1.    B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (4 years)
2.    B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (LEET)- (3 years)


Laboratory experience is considered to be an important part of the mechanical engineering programme. There are course oriented laboratories where the students do experimental work leading to a better understanding of physical situations .Imparting quality education to meet the needs of industry/ nation and strive for customer (students/ Parents/ Industry/ etc.) delight.
The department has 11 labs to cater to the needs of the students.

1.Refrigeration  & Air Conditioning Laboratory.
2.Thermodynamics  Laboratory.
3.Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory.
4.Theory of Machines Laboratory.
5.Strength of Materials Laboratory.
6.CAD/CAM Laboratory .
7.Metrology Laboratory.
8.Fluid Mechanics Laboratory.
9.Fluid Machinery Laboratory
10.CNC Machines
11.Manufacturing process Laboratory.
12.Industrial Automation & Robotics Laboratory.

13. Automobile Laboratory.


1. Five  degree of freedom robotics arm developed by students during their 2nd year training.
2. Shatter Index tester designed & fabricated by students during  their 1st year training.
3. Scissor jack for loading & unloading purposes, designed by students during their 1st year training.
4.Ride on Lawn Mower designed and manufactured by students during their 1st year training.

5.Stair Climber Trolly designed and developed by the students of mechanical 3rd year.


1. Exposure to design software ( Auto cad,Solidworks)
2. Practical knowledge with CNC machine.
3. Industry visits to get familiar with actual working conditions.




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